Basics for your online Business or Brand

‘How-To’ for Online presence is not magic anymore – Everybody has it.
If you’re on some ‘this-and-that’ online presence for your brand, you already know this, they are all over there as free tips.

Here are the basics before starting Online Marketing:

Website or Landing Page:
That’s totally different whole page for ‘Why’ and ‘How’ and More about, but Get One if not already.

Google Listing:
Free and best for quick searchers around, Get started with GMB and fill out all the possible info. You can update occasionally and even use great functions there for business management.

Email Signature:
Put nice Business and Contact details in the email sign, Add social media links that can give some direct follow-ups there.

Mailer Design or Email Newsletter:
You can send a designed Email/Mailer to your contact list and some new potential customers. Can be handy with a welcome message and business overview.
Great to start with Email marketing too if you’re okay with paid bulk emailing.

Listing Sites:
Post your business on as many relevant listing sites, It’s free, and if you want you can start paid listings on some sites that generate good inquiries.

Social Media:
The Basics are: Good profile branding, regular follow-ups, Audience making, nice content, and Account Management.
You can start with this and learn on the way, but one thing is you don’t need profiles on every app and site, Just be constant with which profile is best for your business as Analytics and Target audiences, as Social Media is big and most resource consuming marketing.
You need a good plan to operate this as it’s the most overwhelming one in all the marketing, You need your own methods to handle all the complex tasks, continuously changing trends and making the most out of it as Everybody is there!

Have a great day!

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