Why is it no longer a ‘Long Term Game’?

A few points to consider in today’s Advertising!

Identity and Branding, It is like everyone is an expert now, and they are. Brand continuity, design guidelines, visual psychology, etc. are now common ground. Whether it is the biggest company or just a startup, you can’t say the level of their operations by judging how it looks. Anyone can show what it is not, with ease.

Taglines are just lines nowadays that you create with multiple guidelines and thoughts behind them, and try to make brand recognition out of them. They’re repeated words very commonly used. There was a time when people thought branded lines were the product or service itself. It was a time when businesses stick to their lines and brand messages. We should use a ‘Line’ that truly defines our work, on the ground, stand on it, and make it front like the product itself in modern advertising.

Content is on one fingertip. You name what you want, and you get it in minutes, from Title to Image or 2D to VFX. Creativity is no monopoly, all you have to think about is what you need this afternoon. But we forget that anyone can do this, so how to “Think Different”?

Strategy is created on platforms, and ‘You Are‘ is the strategy of the media you’re using for marketing. No ground invention is needed, you do what some have done and made. There was a time when the strategy was created for the product. Now the product is created on strategy.

We’re in the game of ‘Like, Share, and Re-Share’, Where is the ‘Customer’ or ‘Client’ in marketing?

What can be done is, starting from scratch, using all the original stuff at almost every level, doing less of what is on trend, and doing what is truly you and your product or services are about, showing what is going on with honesty. That’s what is different now. And this could work, as no one wants to do that right now.

Later 🙂

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