When marketing your website, You have:

5-7 sec. to catch visitors’ eyes on something noteworthy,
7-12 seconds to encourage them to scroll down for more or click a link in the navigation,
20 seconds before they decide to bookmark your site or take action, such as contacting you.

In the first 5 seconds, This is where you have a chance of retaining their attention, and most users close here, unless they’ve interacted with your website before and are purposefully seeking something.

As they scroll down, Most of the users here will be genuinely interested in exploring further, they’re likely already leaning towards being convinced by your website.
They’re exploring their options, with most motivated by informational purposes and the other constituting your true target audience.

Within this, Most might venture toward alternative choices, Some could change their minds, and Few might become part of your lead list.

So, what’s the goal within this timeline?

Offer them a warm welcome. Provide informative, concise content with fewer distractions, ensuring easy access.

Sometimes, less is more. You know those CTA pop-ups, the ‘X’ to close them, the ever-present live chat box, and those sliders? Well, they can be a bit of a distraction, steering your visitors away from the good stuff on your site.

Trim any unnecessary functions until they’re won over. Utilize automation sparingly and aim for a personalized experience.

It’s worth taking a more traditional approach; after all, they’re not merely targets
– They’re your customers!


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