Why do you think it’s always a ‘Website’ Link in the front of any entity?

Because a Website can centralize everything you do!

Detailed overview of your business or organization, Diverse products or services you’re offering, or Different packages you have – You can show all the ‘About’ in one place. Brand or Company can be Easy to share, and reach anywhere, you can be ‘Get in touch’ anytime.

Website holds together your all campaigns and content in marketing and advertising; you can’t show all your Works in any other media. It sells, receives, sends, gets reviews, or takes feedback, without breaks – It’s your ‘Salesman’ that you can put on ‘Automation’ too, with Bots.

You can decide what type of website you need from the following:

If there’s only requirement is to show work or services on the web and get an online presence, the Portfolio site is what works. To show details with categories, previews, reviews, and ‘Contact Now’. It’s best for Professionals, Artists, Freelancers, etc. This site also applies to ‘Hobby’ business, just for sharing what you love 🙂

Setting up cost is very low and the website can be live within days or 1 week, depending on design, development, and functionality requirements, Maintenance for this site is almost none except regular Domain, Hosting, and SSL renews.

E-commerce sites are at the top for selling goods, it’s good if there’s a wide range of products for sale with pre-priced tags. Customers can place orders online, The website has a setup that is semi-automated and automates all the following processes, payments, confirmations, and all other tasks until delivery. An online store site is best for SMEs and SMBs, who want to make their own platform as an online shop instead of using other paid platforms.

Making a storefront website needs planning, well execution, and detailed functions and technical aspects, It requires additional security measures, and a maintenance contract, and can take about 3 weeks to 6 weeks for a complete bug-free live demonstration.

Another option for a Service provider or Consultant is to ‘Get a Quote’ on the website, Collect on-point details via the form, and get back to the client with the best offer. In addition, this can be simplified with some pre-made quote packages with add-on options to give the client a fast estimate. This site works as a ‘Landing Page’ for generating leads and then contacting them in person or scheduling meetings with clients, works best for Solopreneurs, Specific product-based brands, small businesses, etc.

Web Portal: It’s a huge platform where you and the user work, communicate, and achieve goals on specific requirements or needs – all on-site. Mostly for big organizations like entities. It goes top in development cost than others and needs trained and experienced staff to construct and maintain.

Website in Advertising and Marketing:

To get all the benefits of a website, the most important thing or even mystery/mastery is getting ‘Visitors’.

Visitors come from On-site SEO, Online Marketing, Offline marketing, Affiliate marketing, PPC, Google Indexing, Brand Identity stationary, Bio, Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, Articles, Paid Promotions, Partnering and Collaboration, Celebrity Endorsement, Google Ads, etc. etc.

It can be from anywhere where you can put your ‘Link’.

Once they click the link, comes what/why/when – Analytics. If you’ve setup for getting your visitor’s track record on the site, you can go in-depth to make a strategy as to what is working for your website, and improve, adapt, and overcome. You can get User behavior, Target audience, Where they’re coming from, Age, and many more details to set your goal and performance.

Quick Thought, Except for other factors,

Approx. cost: How much does a Website cost?

Basic: Online presence only

Annually: $50, One-Time building: $100, AMC: $50

Technical: Functionality and Security

Annually: $100, One-Time building: $250, AMC: $75

Ultra-Pro-Max: $1000 – $1500 – All In!

My few other comments on this topic:

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Your WordPress Website’s Handler cum Technician:


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